Joint Replacement

Dr. Gavin brings many years of experience to managing and treating joint complications resulting from degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis, musculoskeletal disease or joint trauma. Dr. Gavin works closely with his patients to utilize all non-operative treatments prior to discussing joint surgery however if these options no longer give patient relief joint replacement might be an option.

Below are a list of questions Dr. Gavin recommends asking yourself to help determine if you are ready for a joint replacement:

* Do you hurt every day of the week?
* Is the non-operative treatment no longer effective?
* Is your pain in charge of your life?
* Are you willing to commit to work hard during rehabilitation for a successful recovery?

From Our Patients

“After 4 joint replacements, this knee replacement was the shortest recovery time…within 4 weeks I was playing golf!”  FP

“I’m back to my lifestyle—tennis, golf, stairs, gardening and working out—with no pain.”  DS